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Having reluctantly concluded that two of its members are, for… - The Dragon of Life — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Dragon of Life

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[Jul. 27th, 2011|09:37 pm]
The Dragon of Life
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Having reluctantly concluded that two of its members are, for real-life reasons, unable to continue the game for the moment, the group has elected to soldier (or shoulder) onwards. The group has, therefore, elected to institute a Werewolf: the Apocalypse game as a replacement for the concluded second Birthright game. (Only one person is actually playing a werewolf, though.) Our cast of characters is:

Four-Glass-Walls, a suchid Mokole. A Gila monster born in a zoo. His Archid form is suspiciously draconic.
Sayid, a Silent Strider. Actually a werewolf somehow.
John, a Gurahl who just woke up. And wishes he hadn’t.
Janelle, a Bastet, who somehow managed to never go Crinos EVER.

DM: All right, Sayid, it opens up with you.
Janelle:: And he’s like, ‘shit.’
Glass: Is it too late to not be a werewolf?
Sayid: I accept it. It’s a Silent Strider, what else can you go?
DM: The Silent Striders have been going through some changes as of late.
Sayid: Changes?
DM: The Apocalypse has been affecting everybody, every clan. Clan leaders, I don’t know the technical term, their ideas have been changing, some of them taking on new ideas. Your particular Silent Strider clan chief has decided, like many others, that they’re not a big fan of these not-werewolf weres.
Sayid: Not werewolf weres! (bursts into laughter) Sorry!
DM: And has decided you need to go out, and seek out…
Glass: You need to go out and scout!
Sayid: What am I scouting?
Glass: “Ghoere, sir!”
DM: Why did it come out?! I didn’t want it to happen!
Sayid: Gavin Tael, he’s a were-bunny!
DM: You’re going to the Canadian wilderness.
Sayid: Canadian wilderness?
DM: A lot of these other were-tribes have been hiding out in this area now. You’re also to take a look into the Shadow Lord oerations in that area. It seems there’s another player in that area. You can’t tell if she’s working with or against you.
Sayid: Well, it’s a Shadow Lord, it could be either or both. Investigating, my specialty.
Glass: Roll Intelligence + Investigation!
Sayid: Fuck!
DM: “Well, we’ve already gotten you a train ride.”

The group starts rappin’ Parappa songs. The focus switches to John, whose tribe of 20 years has been wiped out by Wendigo.

Sayid: I thought the Wendigo were friendly with the Gurahl.
John: Maybe these particular Wendigo were bastards. I’m willing to accept it.
DM: It is the Apocalypse, and things aren’t looking to good.
Sayid: So let’s take out the other non-werewolf weres!
DM: They seem to have the crazy idea that if they kill all the non-werewolf were tribes the werewolves will become more powerful! Stupid, but some people are believing it.
Glass: The Wendigo were never exactly the most clever bunch…
DM: But Gurahl tend to be solitary, they only get together for special occasions.
Sayid: They’re like ents, but less… leafy.
DM: You’ve heard word that you’re being hunted.
John: (stretching and yawning as he mimes waking from hibernation, then looking shocked,) Shit. I dust off the old pack. “Ah, excellent, my hardtack is still good.”
Glass: Fucking hardtack. ‘Good.’ Roll a Strength check.
John: I have to shift into another form to eat this!
Glass: It resists everything but agg!
John: I journey from my resting place and wander about. Ask a few questions.
DM: Wandering around you find from the locals that there’ve been a lot of sounds from the wilderness. A lot of small towns out here, humans, relatively untouched from even the technological world, hunters and so forth, they tend to be relatively left alone for most of the…
John: As I blunder my way.. “This is still Canada, right?”
Glass: Canadian rednecks. And an entire nation was offended.
Sayid: They’re whiteneck, they don’t get their sun.

John discovers a battlefield, where a massive Gurahl is being defeated by three werewolves using some sort of tranq gun., They spy John and set up a howl of chase, but as he was watching from atop a cliff he has a chance to flee. John actually debates what to do for a moment before taking off. He flees to a small town, then jumps a train to freedom (or at least further plot) with Dex + Atheletics. Glass attempts to locate Dudley Do-Right. Janelle’s turn comes up, as the DM briefly summarizes backstory. Janelle has come across some werewolves.

Janelle: Some very hostile werewolves.
DM: For the most case they’re wondering why you haven’t shit yourself like a human should be right now, ‘cuz they’re full out in their form…
Janelle: Crinos?
Glass: Quick: FAKE IT.
Janelle: Yeah!
Sayid: Would that be Manipulation plus Performance? No one has a dot in Performance!
John: W—wait a minute, I do.

Janelle rolls straight Manipulation, screams, and bolts.

DM: The werewolves shrug it off as you perhaps not really realizing what was happening until just now.
Janelle: I scream my head off and run away!
DM: You get a good ten, fifteen minutes away at hot speeds, quite rapidly, and you realize they’re not chasing you at this point. Regaining your breath you happen to look upon a road, you’re able to easily find the way. You can travel north upon the road, or south. You’re not really sure where you are after the whole… event, you don’t know how far from the beaten path you are. These dirt roads aren’t really NAMED.
Janelle: I’m gonna go get lost in the wilderness!

Janelle heads south. Glass is up!

DM: After finally being let out of your cage… quite violently…
Glass: “Ha ha, I let myself out!”
John: “I are smart!”
Glass: “I got bigger than that cage was expected to hold! And burstier! And clawy-er. And bitey-er. And frenzy-er. Oh, that’s not gonna be a happy trip to Hawai’i.

Glass has apparently single-handedly wrecked the zoo. Shrugging and quietly grateful his Eidetic Memory picked up none of this, he heads out. For some reason his zoo is practically in the middle of nowhere.

DM: After 20 minutes of walking, and apparently humming to yourself and eating your imaginary salsa, you chance upon another person walking in your direction.
Janelle: Are you a person or a Gila monster?
Glass: A person. The walking is slightly faster than a person. Plus, hey, I’m a person now! Kickass!
John: “I’m a real boy! High-five!”

Luckily, Glass is wearing clothes. Glass and Janelle pass each other. There’s a pause as the players attempt to justify interaction.

Glass: This surely won’t come back to haunt me.
Janelle: “I wouldn’t go that way if I were you.”

Glass, ignorant, keeps walking. Janelle sweatdrops and turns to follow. They walk for hours.

Janelle: “Don’t you ever get tired?”
Glass: “Hey, you’re following me. Why ya followin’ me?”
Janelle: “I didn’t really have a destination in mind.”
Glass: “So you’re following me? Are you a criminal? I don’t have any money. I’ve never met a criminal before. Hi, it’s nice to meet you, criminal!”
Janelle: “I’m not a criminal.”
Glass: “Then why’re you following me?”
Sayid: Following people isn’t a CRIIIIIIIME!
Glass: Suddenly a train crashes nearby. “Oh hi guys.” That wasn’t awkward!
DM: It’s not THAT easy.
Janelle: “There are… THINGS in this wood and I didn’t want you to run into them, that’s why.”
Glass: “Um. I think they’re called ‘trees’. And I know how not to walk into them, but thank you for your consideration!”
DM: “No, little one, I think she’s talking about us.”
Glass: “The trees are talking…”
DM: No, what you thought was a tree, a very large man steps out, he looks kinda hairy, wearing some furs on his person. The furs and the hairy comment kinda go hand-in-hand. He’s wearing furs and is also hairy.
Glass: “You’re not a tree. You’re not a tree at all!”
Janelle: (mimes ripping off a mask)
Glass: He is a tree under the mask, what the fuck?!
Janelle: “Kael’thas Ass-strider!”
Glass: Madness, madness!
DM: Several others at this point surround you. “You’re looking for criminals, we’re them.”
Glass: “Oh. Hi! It’s nice to meet you! I guess I’ve never met a criminal before, because she’s not one, she says!”
DM: “Quite.”
Glass: “What kinda crime? Murder? Arson? Kidnap? Burglary?”
DM: “I can do all of it, and right now we’re looking at robbery, but a few minutes ago you said you didn’t have anything, so I have to look over here in our little bag, and we have, uh, human skin because we deal in human as well as animal furs.”
Glass: “There’s a market for that?”
DM: “Yes, we have made it ourselves.”
Glass: “I see. Whose the buyer, I mean, how’s that happen? ‘Hey, you wanna buy some human skin?’ ‘Sure, all right!’”
DM: “That’s none of your concern. If you could just lie down, we’ll kill you real quickly and skin you alive, it’ll be a lot easier this way.”
Janelle: “Wait, you’re gonna kill us and THEN skin us alive? How’re you gonna manage that one?”
DM: “My ability to think and my ability to kill you notwithstanding, just lie down, we’ll give you a quick death, and then we’ll skin you.
Glass: “I don’t wanna die first! Just hand me the knife and I’ll get to work right now!”
Janelle: “On me?”
Glass: “No! It might be kinda hard to skin me.”
DM: “Why would that be?”
Glass: “I can’t demonstrate because I don’t have a knife!”
DM: “Listen, man, I’m not gonna give you the knife—“
Janelle: (passes Glass a knife)
Glass: “Oh, thank you! Watch this!” (miming carving off a hunk of skin, then regenerating it.)
DM: “Oh that makes it even better, we’re just gonna tie you up and just keep making more skin with you!”
Janelle: “I don’t think that was a good idea.”
Glass: “Good or evil didn’t come into it.”
Janelle: “You can keep that knife by the way.”
Glass: “Oh thanks. I don’t need it…”
Sayid: It’s like a loaf of bread! Slicing skin off!
DM: “Boys, get ‘em.” At this point the others in the woods begin to surround you and move forwards. Initiative! Yes! There’s a ROLL for it!

John rejoices in possessing snickerdoodles. The players laboriously search for the initiative rule in the Werewolf book, which, let’s face it, was not the best-organized.

Glass: Mine is 14.
Janelle: Minus 14?!
Glass: (banging the table to emphasize periods.) Mine. Is. 14.
Janelle: Mine’s 12.
DM: That means you act first.

Glass shifts to Archid. The DM consults the Delirium chart, and then Glass points out that one of his Archid form traits drops people down one level on the chart.

Glass: So likely, several of them have just gone catatonic.
DM: Well, the one guy who had enough Willpower, at 5, is now going berserk.

Most of them flee. Janelle backs off; the leader charges, knife upraised, but Janelle shoots him.

Janelle: I am not shooting to kill. (looks at what she rolled) Though I may have anyway.

Janelle drops him easily. The DM ponders his mistake. One final poacher with an odd level of control stares at them.

DM: “So your kind is out here too, I see. It’s good thing you killed those lowly hunters.”
Glass: “Is he dead?”
Janelle: “No, I didn’t kill him.”
Glass: (still in Archid) “He’s not dead. None of them are dead!”
Janelle: “What the hell are you doing talking?”
DM: :Look again.: A couple shots ring out, tagging the person on the ground. Shot in the lung, shot in the back of the head.
Glass: “I think we oughtta take this guy.”
Janelle: “We?”
Glass: “Okay. I’ll take him!”

Glass jumps at the ‘hunter’, but he leaps into the trees.

DM: “No, our time to fight will come. Continue on this road and we may fight.”
Glass: “I like how you talk all big until I start coming for you and then you’re like, ‘Gotta go!’”
John: Yoinks!
DM: And with the mist he seems to vanish. You never saw his face though.
Glass : “Well I’m not impressed.”
Janelle: (mimes shooting Glass)
Glass: “Stop that.”
Janelle: I’m not actually shooting.
Glass: I’m a human again.
Janelle: You’re probably naked, aren’t you.
Glass: No, not technically.

The DM continues to insist that Primal Urge rolls all involve bowel movements. John bemoans his failure to purchase a gun, and considers pickup a cheap knockoff gun, the way another player once purchased a Harvey Donaldson because he couldn’t afford a Harley Davidson.

DM: You continue on your way…
Glass: She’s still holding me at gunpoint, I think.
Janelle: (sourly) No, I put my gun away.
Glass: “What was THAT all about?”
Janelle: “What was THAT all about?!” (making the universal ‘you turned into a dragon!’ gesture)
Glass: “What was WHAT all about?”
Janelle: “The- the- deh – theh – uynh! That!”
Glass: “Well if I had to guess, that was you falling.”
Janelle: “No, I mean the turning into a frickin’ dragon?!”
Glass: “I didn’t do that.”
John: I like how matter-of-fact you put that.
Glass: “Stress must be getting to ya.”
Janelle: Sweatdrop.
Glass: “You’re sweating, see?”
John: I simultaneously hate and love your character so far, Glass.

The moving rules are finally located. The two follow the road to another road.

Glass: “These roads are terrible!”
DM: “Well whaddya expect! ….don’t mind me, I’m just here for comic relief! Not that we really need it!”
Sayid: Offended Canadian Observer.
DM: You see a sign below his perch: “A Canadian Lives Here.”

Onwards they go, randomly picking west. The pair makes their way to a town which conveniently is the end of a line for a railway. Glass, who has the Curiosity Flaw, takes off to investigate various signs. Confused by a changing neon sign for a saloon, Glass utters a fateful pronouncement.

Glass: “I’m gonna poke it with a stick.” (making a glass-shattering noise) “Uh-oh!”
DM: Roll Dexterity plus, uh Melee to strike it till you hit it.
Janelle: I’m probably not outside watching this.
Glass: Yes. Yes I do.
DM: You strike it, let’s see the sturdiness of this particular stick, I shall roll for that, let’s see what kind of stick you were able to pull out of this particular stack.
Glass: Metal rebar, uh-oh.
DM: All right, the stick you managed to pull out was a relatively sturdy one, the trees in this area are really old so this particular tree was probably either struck down by a lightning bolt or cut down for some reason. You actually do a fair amount of damage to one of the lights, out of the socket, destroying it, preventing it from working any more. You’re lucky it was wood or else you would’ve gotten a nasty shock.
Glass: It didn’t shatter?
DM: No, it just sparkled out, some of them popped.
Glass: “Uh-oh!“ I duck around a corner and hide.
DM: More than likely a lot of people heard it, people in the bar, people in the area come rushing out trying to figure out what happened.
Glass: “That was louder than I thought.”
John: He says in a loud-ass voice.
DM: They spot the sign blown and a stick, a fairly large stick, almost a branch.
Sayid: He’s like Launchpad McQuack except he’s a were… dragon… reptile.
DM: They kinda play it off as if maybe this branch just managed to fly into this sign. The fact that some local kid managed to pick this thing up seems MORE unbelievable than that this branch managed to fly because of the wind.
Glass: “Superman, you’re a dick! Leave our town alone!”
DM: The owner’s not entirely too pissed considering he’s not the one who paid for this sign. The local train did, trying to bring more customers into the area. He didn’t think it really worked because it looked too goofy for this area. Like somebody from Las Vegas decided to try to turn it into a new mini-Las Vegas and failed miserably. They go back in, relatively happy that the sign is now off.
Glass: I’ve misconstrued them. Feeling regretful for breaking the once-magnificent sign, I go and try to push it back into its socket with the stick. …I’M A LIZARD! I don’t understand the ways of humanity!
DM: Intelligence + Melee.
Glass: All right, two dice!

Glass pokes it uselessly, then runs as people come out to investigate. He scrambles to the top of the building while the NPC drags the stick into the bar. Both of them hear the train coming in.

Janelle: I don’t know where he went, I brought him some burgers from the bar…
Glass: You just see me run down the street.
Janelle: Do I actually see you running down the street?
Glass: I’m not being subtle about it.

Janelle explains trains to Glass. Glass starts poking it with his stick. The engineer eyes him skeptically. The train comes to a halt and the conductor steps out. Glass attempts to poke him with the stick. Janelle distracts him with burgers as the other PCs step off the train.

Sayid: “And now to business… I don’t suppose you’ve been here before?”
John: “Not in recent years.”
Sayid: “Oh, what brings you to town?”
John: “The train.”
Janelle: Oh this is gonna be great.
Sayid: “I suppose I walked right into that one.”

The DM relates the entire history, demographics, and tourist blurb of the town they’re in (without ever naming it). Glass gets bored and attempts to go under the train.

Glass: “What’s under here?”
Janelle: “What are you doing?”
Glass: “Going under the train.”
Janelle: “Stop that!”
Glass: “Why?!”
Janelle: “Because you’re attracting attention!”
Glass: “Are there secrets under here I’m not supposed to about?”
Janelle: “No! There’s electricity under there, you wanna get zapped?!”
DM: You watch as those two have an argument.
Glass: “I don’t see it!”
Sayid: “Are you from Canada, sir?”
John: “No.” (pausing) “Was it called… no. Yes. No. No. Washington state.”
Sayid: “Ah, I’ve entered the loony bin.”
Janelle: “Get out from underneath the train!”

Janelle angrily leaves. The PCs awkwardly attempt to find reason to forge themselves into a party.

Sayid: “They were here before us, perhaps they can point us to some location of color.”
Glass: “There’s a SIGN down there that’s kinda neat! Kinda broken now! I don’t know how that happened… but LOOK at it! You can see it from here!”
John: Hmm… Perception plus…

Janelle mopes and nurses a headache nearby. John realizes that he has the ‘easily distracted’ trait. Sayid abandons Glass, wisely, to approach Janelle.

Sayid: “Excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt you or your…. companion.”
Janelle: “Don’t call him that. Please don’t call him that.”
Glass: “What’s a ‘schedule’?”
DM: “Sir, please put that down.”
Glass: “What’s it FOR?!”
DM: “It’s to tell you when the train arrives.”

Sayid and Janelle continue to talk. Glass struggles to refold the schedule. The group elects to go to the bar, reluctantly including the underaged Glass in the party. They step into what proves to be a relatively crowded bar. The group heads for a table, getting alcohol on the way (or a glass of milk). Janelle, who ALSO has the Curious Flaw, heads over with Glass to investigate the jukebox. Glass starts shoving the jukebox around while the waitress recites the list of specials in surprising details. John doesn’t actually get his head stuck in a hunny pot, but they’re watching him. The DM elaborates on the others present in the bar – another waitress, a few people, and then suddenly a group of shady characters steps in. Three people in trenchcoats and hats, with ghetto armor and weapons, as well as suspicious symbols on their armbands. All is silent and the bartender appears displeased when they appear. Glass attempts to go ask them what the symbol means and is immediately restrained by everyone else, so he asks the waitress.

Janelle: “Don’t point!”
Glass: “Too late, already pointed.”
Janelle: “Damn it!”
DM: “I’m not really supposed to talk about that. I don’t like them too much.”
Sayid: “Do they make trouble when they come in?”
DM: “Not really, they just… scare away the patrons, not really dressed like the other hunters…”
Janelle: “They’re hunters of some sort?”
DM: “They travel between the towns.”
Janelle: “Hunting things?”
DM: “We know they’re hunters, they have weapons that the hunters use, but the other hunters who talk about them say they don’t really hunt… normal prey. I didn’t know what they were sailing, I don’t really leave this town…”
Glass: “Maybe they’re like the people who wanted to k—“
Janelle: (slaps her hand over Glass’s mouth)
Glass: “Mmp!”
Janelle: “Eat your eggs.”
Glass: “Mfph bppppjs.”
Sayid: “Perhaps I’ll ask one of the hunters about that.”
Janelle: “Number one, you’re not using your indoor voice!”

The group distracts Glass with food, against his will. The group introduces themselves to each other at long last. The group settles into cheerfully eat and feast. Glass attempts to go for the jukebox and is again restrained by every other PC. Everyone rolls Perception + Alertness to notice one of the shady hunters pull down what appear to be green lenses over their eyes, to appraise them.

Sayid: I slowly ease the pistol in my holster under the table. Even I give warning sometimes.
John: Uhm... I crack my knuckles.
Janelle: I see you pull out your gun –
Sayid: I’m not pulling it out, I’m just easing it out of the holster, as casual as can be.
Janelle: My gun doesn’t have a snap on it.
DM: He sits back up. The green gleam vanishes as he pushes it back up, as if he were trying to hide it.
John: “YOU SUCK!”
Glass: “You didn’t stop HIM, why did you stop ME?!”

The shady hunter leaves, and his two friends stop paying attention to the group. Sayid, anticipating a fight, takes a look around and tries to make contact with a non-shady hunter. That hunter comes over.

DM: “It seems you interest the local ‘werewolves’ here. At least that’s what they call themselves. I doubt they would know what a werewolf looks like if they saw one.”
Sayid: “They… claim to be werewolves.”
Glass: Write an essay on how to identify the werewolf.
Sayid: “A werewolf as in, turns into a wolf-like beast?”
DM: “We’re not talking about that. We’re just talking about a group of people who believe themselves to be brutal in some fashion. They hunt a lot of things. But not really what we hunt. I hunt the local wildlife for food. They hunt the local tourists for trophies. They make games of them, promising them money if they can survive runs through the forest.”
Sayid: Surviving the game!
Glass: The most DANGEROUS game.

Sayid questions the legality of this. The hunter goes on about how they’ve tried to oppose this group and help the tourists. Sayid ponders asking a question… then eyes Glass.

Glass: “Oh now you think I’m the question guy!”
Sayid: (accent slipping) “Well if you’re going to ask him something ridiculous I’d rather get it out of the way…”
Glass: “I’m good! You’ve been talking a lot, I don’t need to ask anything!”

The hunter continues to explain how these systems work, and that no one has ever made it to the bag of ‘money’ which was really leaves. The man, “Mr. Burton”, tells them that out-of-towners usually stay at the fancier hotel down the road. Glass decides to go digging in his Mnesis 5 to try to scrounge up something about that symbol. The bartender hears of their plans to stay at the other hotel with some hesitation, trying to lean on them to go to the other place to stay. Since Sayid offers to pay for the others, they all elect to go with him. Glass begins to remember. The DM inexplicably points out that the memory is not his own.

Glass: My own personal memories are 1/200,000,000th of what I remember. So.

Glass remembers a vast grassland with several others nearby proudly wearing the symbol. Over time, the symbol shifts from one of pride to one of fear. Glass makes curious noises.

Sayid: “You seem quite deep in thought, Mr. Glass.”
Glass: “Just remembering something.”
John: “Didn’t know you had it in you.”
Glass: “I have a lot of things in me. Most of them are guts.”
Sayid: (collapses in hysterics)
John: “I’ll drink to that.”

Sayid pays in cash, complaining that Capital One doesn’t give accounts to werewolves. The DM has apparently stolen the entire hotel setup from Resident Evil, and those players which have played those games mock him remorselessly and attempt to save the game with a typewriter. The clerk there hands them forms to fill out for the ‘activity’, expecting they intend to participate.

DM: “Preparations will be made tomorrow and your activities will begin the next night.”


Glass: “Did you just hire a whore?! I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention till that end part.”

Everyone simultaneously apologizes for Glass. The DM goes off on an elaborate explanation of a Resident Evil joke about icons on keys.

Glass: “Is that a machine that makes ICE?!”
John: “It’s not very exciting.”
Glass: “You’re right… this is MUCH less exciting that I thought.”
Janelle: “You know there’s probably a bucket in the room, you could fill the bucket.”

The DM continues to go one about the hotel and the room. Glass starts shoving machinery around to look for change (and finds a dollar beneath the Coke machine). Sayid takes it. Some of them overhear words discussing them, noting that they’re clearly odd but to let them go on the hunt as normal. Glass attempts to go outside on the fire escape; Janelle wrestles him back, so he starts correcting the Bible in the drawer to what he remembers happening. Sayid fills out the forms for the ‘activity’, requesting something particularly ‘rare’ – a white or silver-colored wolf, clearly not an ordinary lupine specimen.

Sayid: “Well, I have to be honest. I’m here to find out things which… perhaps would be… unsettling to the average traveler. I plan to participate in this hunt to see what kind of things I can find out about the people here. John has been good enough to agree to come with me, but I would not ask the same of you.
Janelle: “Why not?”
DM: John’s like, “I did?!”
John: He and I roleplayed it out a little bit.
DM: Oh, okay.
Glass: You were busy going “Blah, blah, blah.”
Janelle: “No, I’ll come along.”
Sayid: “Even if I don’t find anything along the way, it seems quite inhumane what’s going on here.”
Janelle: “There are things in that would.”
Glass: “People who hunt skin! I wonder if they’re connected.”
Janelle: “So do I.”
Sayid: “Does that mean you’ll be joining us then?”
Glass: “Sure!”
Janelle: “Yeah!”
Glass: (holding up the Bible) “Like the good book says, ‘this page intentionally left blank’! And you can’t argue with wisdom like that.”
Sayid: “…Quite correct.”
Glass: “Wait a minute… the page WASN’T ACTUALLY BLANK AT ALL!” (hurling the Bible out the window)

Somehow this turns into Who Framed Roger Rabbit jokes. Sayid warns Glass away from the hot tub, so he can use it.

Sayid: “Poking it with a stick is probably not the best way to get it to work.”
Glass: “I can wait my turn!”
DM: Oddly enough this hot tub is equipped with poke-stick turn-on technology.
Sayid: Knowing him it’ll turn out to be a time machine! He spills some shit on it, pokes it with a stick, and then bang, back we go! The first werewolf!
Glass: “Hey, I remember this.”

Glass ends up in Metal Gear Solid somehow. Sayid slips the forms under the door. The DM tells them to sleep, since he has no activities planned for the night.

Sayid: Yeah, White Wolf games. Where you don’t always have to POST A WATCH!
Glass: To be fair, if you were in a hotel game in D&D, you wouldn’t have to post a watch!
DM: Oh, with YOU!?
Glass: Name one time you’ve been attacked in a hotel!
Sayid: We’re never IN a hotel, we’re always in the wilderness!
DM: That’s not my fault.

The group complains constantly about troubles in other games. After sleeping, Sayid finds the forms have been taken and replaced with instruction sheets. Their hunt will take place at night and ‘they’ will get the group when it is ready. They can also request additional equipment, which they joke over repeatedly. Glass wanders off to raid bird nests in the forest while the rest of the group mocks the mansion’s Resident Evil nature as they head to the dining area. Sayid explores the hotel curiously, tries to find a way to the second floor, and is intercepted by the staff. Having made his way onto the dining room balcony, he attempts to catch John and Janelle’s attention. Both of them observe him as the DM forces them to roll. He continues on to investigate the mysterious portraits on the second floor as he gets a tour. The game derails for a while for no apparent reason. The group finally reassambles a while later. They decided to explore the town.

Glass: It’s just a montage of me poking things…

The DM describes the town. A train has just arrived, and the PCs wonder who might be up to shenanigans. Glass wanders off to find a high place, and ends up on top of the tavern. There, he peers around with a Gift, which gives him vision for about two miles.


Glass looks around for the hunters and what they might be up to.

Sayid: Bear pooping in the woods…
Glass: “John!”
John: “Huh? Uh… I’m a little busy at the moment!”
Glass: “I KNEW the Pope was Catholic!”

Glass spies hunters tracking something, and a small camp outside of town. He relays this information to the others. Someone crashes glasses around like mad. It was probably me, as I note I will regret that. The group heads out to the camp. The DM calls for an Alertness + Awareness test, which he then modifies to Perception + Alertness. A figure drops behind them: Burton.

DM: “I’m surprised you were able to notice me so quickly. Most perceptive.”
John: “I’m no stranger to the woods.”
DM: “I see you’ve noticed the camp. It’s off the beaten path, so tourists don’t come here. This is where I tend to watch them, to see who they target next. Today, they’ve been looking for something a little unusual. They’re more frantic about their hunting activities. Normally it doesn’t take them long to retrieve their prey and set it up, be it a wild bear or the average person. This, they’re looking for something in particular. But I’m not sure.
Glass: “Hookers and blow.”
DM: “They’re not looking for hookers and blow.”

Sayid wonders if they could walk into the camp; Burton indicates that they could probably get away with it if they weren’t someone being hunted. They decide to infiltrate as Burton jumps back into the tree. Stealth rolls all around! The tents are high-quality military tents. Glass slips in under the back of a tent.

Sayid: Oh no, the truck have started to move.
Glass: It’s a TENT!
Sayid: The tent have started to move.

The group discovers books that seem to be guides to creatures of all sorts. Glass realizes that he’d snuck in as a lizard when everyone else had come in the front. Grumbling, he slips out, shifts back to Homid form, and joins them properly. They find an odd book, written in characters that shift constantly before their eyes. Occult rolls help them interpret it.

DM: “Mage’s Guides to Werewolves and Weres Alike.” Seems to be a book of… interesting terms of werewolves and activities. This is a book about you.
Janelle: Yoink! I’m flipping through it.
Glass: “You – we – don’t – have – time!”
DM: Flipping through you see simple summaries and so forth about every werecreature you can imagine. Seems to be a guide for people. Besides having descriptions of locations, how they act, habitats, mating periods, they seem to have a LOT of information. You question how these people managed to get ahold of these books, let alone read it.
Glass: I’m just looking at each page long enough to get it in my memory, then moving on. Go, go, Eidetic Memory!

Sayid continues to investigate, while Glass rummages for silver or gold weapons. After a few minutes they hear an odd sound.

DM: An animal that isn’t normally found in this area. As if someone’s trying to get your attention;
Glass: Hee-HAW! Hee-HAW!

The DM all but yells at them to leave the camp. They bolt en masse. Burton catches up with them and inquires about the book. Sayid shows it to him.

DM: You watch as he places his hand on the top cover. The book almost seems to open up. He reaches in and grabs a small necklace. The book returns to normal.
Glass: “Oh, it was a HIDE-A-KEY book, that’s why you couldn’t read it!”
DM: He seems to spin the medallion.
Glass: We’re all hypnotized and forced to obey him.
Sayid: “Curious way you have to read a book, Mr. Burton.”
DM: “It’s not really a book. It’s… You’re not able to recognize it, it’s not entirely too important, but why they would have this medallion is beyond me. It’s used by the more magically-attuned, if you believe in such things. If you don’t I guess it doesn’t really matter to you. To find… ‘odd’ creatures. Recently created by the mages of the north to hunt down werewolves.”
Sayid: “I’m sorry. Mages?”
DM: “Don’t worry about it.”
Sayid: “Who are you?”
DM: “None of your concern.” You watch as the necklace drops into his hand and just… disappears.
Glass: …GET HIM!
DM: He returns the book to you, you can read it now. The information still quite useful but not as it was before. The book has changed now. It’s a book on Wolves, Witches, and Wizardry, it’s a fictional novel about several small boys going to wizard’s college!
Glass: “LEGEND OF RA AND THE MUGGLES?!” (hurling it away)
DM: “I will take care of this trinket.”
Glass: ”You keep sounding progressively more evil as this conversation goes on… what’s up with that?”
DM: “My apologies, the person saying my voice is getting tired.” (consciously attempting to sound less evil) “This particular medallion is used to hunt those who are not of -- well I don’t wanna go into the details.”
Glass: “How does it work?”
DM: “You don’t know how, you do not need to know.”
Glass: “That doesn’t make any sense, how would you ever find out then?”
Sayid: “…he has a point.”
DM: “How can I put this easily. Do you know how to breathe?”
Glass: “Vaguely.”
DM: “Of course you know how to breathe, because you have to breathe. It’s the same with this medallion. If you can use the medallion, you can use the medallion.”

The group jestingly plans to wring or pop the medallion out of Burton’s hand. Burton lapses back into his evil voice. The group mocks the DM by being utterly sincere. Burton irritatedly leaves after thanking them.

John: “Burton: AwaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAY!”

Sayid wants to interrogate a spirit. Janelle has a friendly spirit with her, but it can’t materialize, and he reluctantly concludes he can’t step sideways in front of the group.

Glass: “Look over there, guys!” That’d took me out. Actually, that might work on all three of us! Easily distracted, curiosity… cat!
Janelle: Curiosity.

No one but Sayid can step sideways. The group returns to the hotel to sleep, in preparation for their midnight activities. And given the time, that is where the game concludes for the night!